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WELLINGTON Dance Sport Competition 2015

The competition takes place at the Whitireia Performing Arts Centre, 25-27 Vivian Street.  Start practising - here is our EVENT LIST

Prelim Events

1.              Prelim Lead – Tango
2.              Prelim Follow – Tango
3.              Prelim Lead – Jive
4.              Prelim Follow – Jive

Beginner Events

5.              Waltz
6.              Rhythm Foxtrot 
7.              Cha Cha Cha
8.              (Slow) Jive

 Novice Events

9.              Quickstep
10.           Tango
11.           Samba
12.           Jive
13.           Merrilyn
14.           Argentine Tango

 Masters Events 

15.       Waltz, Quickstep
16.       Samba, Rumba
17.       Swing Waltz, Charmaine 

Graded Events


18.       A GRADE: Waltz, Quickstep, Tango, Slow Foxtrot
19.       B GRADE: Waltz, Quickstep, Tango
20.      C GRADE: Waltz, Quickstep

Latin American

 21.       A GRADE: Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Jive, Rumba
22.       B GRADE: Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Jive
23.       C GRADE: Cha Cha Cha, Samba

New Vogue

24.       A GRADE: Merrilyn, Gypsy Tap, Tangoette, Lucille Waltz
25.       B GRADE: Merrilyn, Gypsy Tap, Tangoette
26.       C GRADE: Merrilyn, Gypsy Tap 

Open Events

27.       Gypsy Tap
28.       La Bomba
29.       Excelsior Schottische
30.       Paso Doble
31.       Cha Cha Cha
32.       Jive
33.       Rumba
34.       Waltz
35.       Viennese Waltz
36.       (Slow) Foxtrot
37.        Argentine Tango

Novelty Events

38.       Vice-versa Waltz (female lead, male follow)
39.       Vice-versa Cha Cha Cha (female lead, male follow)
40.       “Straight” Tango Terrific (male lead, female follow)
41.       “Straight” Jive (male lead, female follow)
42.       Teams event

All events are same-sex unless specified
Same-sex dancing means two women or two men dancing together

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Rainbow Sport and Culture Weekend 23 - 25 January 15

Danss is supporting the Rainbow Sport and Culture Weekend in Wellington

Event date: Sunday 25th January 2015

Event time: 4pm – 6pm (Approximately)

Venue: Level 3, Whitireia Performance Centre, 25 Vivian Street, Wellington

Cost: $5 (Paid on arrival)

Contact person: Geoff Melvin

email address: dansscomp@xtra.co.nz

Event details: The event will provide an opportunity for social Ballroom and Latin dancing and will include a beginner-level workshop and a demonstration by competitive dancers from DANSS. No dancing partner or prior experience required.

No registration is required. 


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Wellington Dancesport 2014


Top Floor Studio (level 3)
Whitireia Performing Arts Centre
25–27 Vivian Street
New Zealand

This is a smoke-free venue.

The venue is in Wellington’s CBD. Street parking is likely to be limited. However, there is a parking building nearby in Tory Street.

Refreshments will be available for purchase. Alcohol: BYO only.


Competing dancers may warm-up from 1:30 pm. Only competitors and their coaches will be admitted during this time.

Spectators may enter from 2:30 pm.

Grading rounds begin at approximately 2:20 pm.

The competition starts at approximately 3:00 pm.

There will be social dancing between some of the competition events. Spectators are encouraged to participate in the social dancing.


Competitors are asked to please register via this website as soon as possible and preferrably by 5 March 2014 to help us with our planning (while we will accept registrations up to and including the day of competition, names will not be included  in the programme if registered after 5 March).  See the Dancesport Registration page for details.


Registration fee for competitors: NZ$25.00 per person.  Payment should be by internet banking directly to our bank account (refer the Registration form).  Overseas competitor may pay at the door on the competition day.

Entry fee for spectators: NZ$10.00 per adult, NZ$5.00 per student, payable in cash only at the door.  Children under 5 years are free.


Still photography is permitted but filming during the competition is prohibited without the organisers’ prior approval.

Commercial Activities

No commercial activities in or around the dance venue are permitted without the organisers’ prior approval. This includes the sale of any articles, the distribution of brochures and the placement of posters in and around the venue.

Advertising space in the programme is available at reasonable rates.

Practice Night

14th March, 7 pm - 9 pm -  Venue  as for the comp (see above)

Celebration Breakfast

16th March, from 11 am -  Venue in the Central city area - TBA.  For competitors, partners, organisers and anyone else who's keen  - please contact us so we can make reservations.

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The Sydney International Same Sex Dance Championships

Event Canceled

Quoting from their website: 

Dear members of the same sex dancing community,

With limited support and resources currently available, ASSDA won’t be able to hold its originally planned Sydney International Same Sex Dance Championships on 22nd  February 2014.

While we regret having to cancel the event, we believe that there is a place in Australia for an association looking to federate the same sex dancing community, and this is what we are going to focus on in the coming months.

Read more…

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Wellington Dancesport 2013
3:00 PM15:00

Wellington Dancesport 2013







Top Floor Studio (Level 3) 

This is a smoke-free venue.

The venue is in Wellington’s CBD. Street parking is likely to be limited. However, there is a parking building nearby in Tory Street.

Refreshments will be available for purchase. Alcohol: BYO only.

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