Competition Rules

  • All competitors must comply with the rules of this competition or disqualification may result. The organisers reserve the right to withdraw applications that do not adhere to the rules.

  • The competition is open to all levels of dancers from social dancing beginners and amateurs up to and including A Grade and professional dancers.
  • All competitors must be 18 years or older on the date of the event.
  • Competitors are encouraged to dance in more than one category of event, but must satisfy the criteria for each category they enter as at the start of the competition.
  • Competitors may dance with different partners in different events, provided they meet the relevant criteria.
  • Except for Novelty events 38 to 42, all dance partnerships must be same sex (i.e., comprise either two female or two male partners).
  • The interchanging between leading and following is permitted, except for Novelty events 38 to 41.
  • Novelty events 38 & 39 must comprise a female leader with a male follower. Novelty events 40 & 41 must comprise a male leader with a female follower. Changing between leading and following is not allowed in these events.
  • The rules and dances for the teams event (event 41) will be announced at the competition.
  • In principle, there will be separate events for female and male couples.  However, if the number of entrants is insufficient to support this by the close of registrations, female and male couples will compete together.
  • If the total number of couples is insufficient at the close of registrations, the organisers reserve the right to combine grades.
  • The organisers reserve the right to withdraw any events.
  • Choreography that endangers other couples (e.g., lifts) is not permitted and will result in disqualification.
  • In all competition events, the music shall be approximately 1½ minutes duration.
  • All adjudicators participating at this competition are qualified and licensed. All adjudicators decisions are final.

Beginner Events

Beginner events are for absolute beginners only. Both dance partners must be first time competitors.

Novice Events

Novice events are for first time competitors or those who have competed before but never won the event to be danced where at least 4 couples were competing. Novice status must apply to both partners of each couple. Competitors who have previously danced in B Grade or above in the style to be danced are not eligible to compete in that style.

Prelim Events

Prelim events are for single competitors who are eligible to compete in the Beginner or Novice events. The competitor dances with a partner of the same sex, who may be of any level, but the partner is not judged.

Masters Events

Masters events are for competitors who are 50 years or older on the day of the competition. Both dance partners must meet the age requirement.

Graded Events

A Grade: High-level amateur dancers or professionals.

B Grade: Experienced amateur dancers.

C Grade: From beginners to experienced social dancers.

Please enter the graded event in the registration form, which you feel is appropriate for your experience. However, couples may be moved up or down from their chosen or anticipated grade, according to their performance in the grading rounds.

All couples in the graded events must dance in the grading rounds. The grading rounds involve couples dancing both of the specified C grade dances to enable the adjudicators to place each couple in the appropriate grade and ensure the competition is fair.

In case of upgrading, all couples in the graded events must be prepared to dance all four dances in their chosen style(s). The adjudicators’ grading decisions are final and competitors are not permitted to downgrade themselves.

In the grading rounds, dancers are not required to wear their competition outfits.  Where they do not, they should wear street-smart clothing.

Open Events

The open events are for competitors of all levels, whether dancing with the same or different partner during other events.

Novelty Events

Competitors of all levels may enter the novelty events.

Events 38 & 39 require a female lead and a male follower.

Events 40 & 41 require a male lead and a female follower. 

The rules and dances for the teams’ event (event 42) will be announced at the competition.

Payment:   Please pay via internet banking (and ensure you include your name) to Account Name: DANSS 2008 Inc,         
Account number: 03 0539 0269951 00. 
Overseas competitors only may pay on the day.  

Amount:     $25 per person for unlimited competition events